Pocket Operator sync solution

So after messing with my PO’s for a while I tried syncing them up, works pretty well but not really ideal using a single output for a few reasons, so I tried using my 6ch passive mixer, and problem solved https://vine.co/v/OQgAxiOWddq

See the other thread about the mixer if you are interested. http://operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/785/tiny-mixer-for-tabletop-jams

This is awesome, do you mind sharing how this is hooked up? You need to split the signal between each PO to keep the sync going, but take a tap out of the audio to the mixer. What kind of adaptor/cable are you using? Thanks man, these are such awesome little boards!

Sure, just go from the Monotribe (or whatever your sync master is) into the mixer output, then an input from the mixer goes to each PO set to SY2 sync mode to maintain stereo. I am just using TRS cables, on the clip I was just listening to the POs from their speakers, but if recording then I’d hook them into another mixer, and just use this one for the sync distribution.

ah really cool, thats so interesting, I hadn’t though of reversing the signal flow on the passive mixer like that! Thanks for sharing fam!

^ Maybe you could do the same with a simple 1->3 way cable for the sync distribution. That cable is probably not available anyware, you would need to make it yourself.

Yes just add a 10k resistor to each output and that will do the job.