Pocket Operator Sync (solved)

Hi All!

I have my Volca Keys (sync out) connected to my PO28 which is in SY3 mode, connected to my PO12 which is in SY4 mode. And All I can hear from the Pocket Operators is a metronome click...
If I remove the Po12 from the chain, and switch the PO28 to SY2 mode, it plays patterns in sync without hearing a metronome. This is nice, but then I can't use the PO12. For some reason SY4 mode just isn't working properly? I've even switched the order of the pocket operators VOLCA KEYS > PO12 > PO28 and it still gives me the same issue.

I'm using the mini sync cables from Teenage Engineering. I just can't seem to figure this out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To anyone who runs into the same problem, I have found a solution.

First, remove the batteries from each PO and re insert them.

Second, start the master PO in SY1 and the slave PO in SY4 (or SY5).

Third, play the pattern from the Master PO,.. THEN stop the pattern once the slave is playing in sync.

Fourth, connect Volca Keys (or any other Master Sync that's not from TE) to the front of the chain.

FINALLY, change the master PO to SY3. This solves the clicking problem, and everything works as advertised.

Sounds complicated and drawn out. But I haven't had to repeat the process since. Super frustrating at first, but I'm glad I was able to fix it. I'm guessing this doesn't happen to every new set of PO's and maybe it was just a bug in mine. Hopefully this is useful to anyone who runs into the problem in the future.