Pocket Operators Cheap in UK - £40 with free P+P

Juno.co.uk are selling them for £40 with free P+P! You have to go to the page and hit the live chat and ask for a lower price, they give you a code via live chat that gets the machine for £40. Cheapest I have found in the UK so far…

Great site and advice, thanks!
I bought these Friday afternoon (as the Teenage Engineering site went out of stock) and they arrived Saturday morning.

Factory and sub are £39 with free UK delivery from guitar guitar.

I feel pretty miffed by Juno.co.uk their policy is to gouge prices when they have an exclusive then only lower their prices when the competition have it, and I will always advise never to buy from Juno any new to the market product when only they have it because in a few weeks time it will be much much cheaper.

Case in point on the 4th February they charged me £54.99 for each PO, 2 days later only when other retailers had them and were selling at £49 Juno copied, I enquired if they had mispriced my order thinking they had made a mistake was told “we can change our prices whenever we like” Now doing them at £14.99 each less than I paid 3 weeks later, wow a lesson learned here. So basically wait 3 weeks and save 25%.

Well as a customer who has spent a lot of money with them I can take my business elesewhere, they lost a customer with their shitty price gouging tactics, and if I wanted to I could have just got a refund via ebay as it was within 2 days, but it wasn’t about the money (£17.97 total) it was more about their shitty attitude and shady tactics.

The stupid irony is that once I got my PO’s I posted here on the forum that they were available from Juno in the UK, but anyway I won’t ever buy from them again.

I also hate the way that Juno state on ebay listings that extras, like gig bags and the like, are free... nonsense!

An example I have seen: