Pocket Operators Custom Cables

I’m thinking about ordering custom cables from China, to be able to sync operators together while keeping individual outputs separated, in a console or audio card, with the cleanest setup possible.

Here’s what I had in mind :

  • RIGHT ANGLE, STEREO 3.5mm jack (connected to the output of a PO)
  • signal is splitted in two different cables:
  • RING goes in a 6ft long cable, to a MONO, 1/4 jack (plugged in a mixer input)
  • TIP goes in a 1ft long cable, to a RIGHT ANGLE, MONO 3.5mm jack (connected to the input of the next PO in the chain)

I’d like cables to be highly flexible, nylon braided style.

I’ll probably have to order hundreds to get a good price.
Would anyone be interested ?

It’s better (for quality) to split the sync signal instead of every output.
(Check out the p0k3t0 sync splitter - https://www.tindie.com/stores/p0k3t0/ )

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I ordered stereo jacks and will solder custom cables myself.

My final design will use a sync splitter, located near my multi-input audio card interface.

Each PO will have a Y cable with right angle jacks on both sides.
At the other end, a 1/4 mono jack for audio output and a jack for sync IN.