Pocket Operators won't turn off when connected

Hi, was wondering if I could get a bit of help here–I’ve noticed that the slave units won’t turn off when they are wired together, even if I set them to slave 0. The master unit does turn off but I find it irritating to be unplugging everything to make sure the batteries don’t run down. Am I missing something?

Yeah, I agree, it seems TE goofed up on that one.

So that’s a known issue then?


The question rises not as often as why OP-1 won’t turn on when connected :smiley:
But there should be some sticky topics like this…

POs normally go into sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity, but when there’s something in the input jack, this is extended to about 35 minutes of silence.

The reason is that though the slave unit may not make any sound, you may still want to play some other audio through it. For example, shutting external audio down due to inactivity in the middle of someone’s live set, just because they played a sick 11 minute guitar solo* and didn’t touch their keyboard, which was routed through their PO-16, could be disastrous.

Note that any sound on the input, e.g. touching a free-hanging cable, will reset the sleep timer.

In other words, this behaviour is intentional, but if you find any case where it never shuts down, please contact TE support with a description of how to reproduce it.

/TE team

* I will admit that the 35 minute sick guitar solo limit makes the PO series non-compliant with progressive rock standards, but not that this is a goof.

Thanks @Jon. What’s the rationale behind not being able to perform a manual shutdown (by pressing the sound + write keys together) when the unit has a cable plugged into its input?


My Robot won’t go out of sync mode when I unplug it. It will still go into all 5 sync modes (therefore never shutting down) unless I forcefully insert and remove a cable a few times. Must be a fiddly connection somewhere.

My PO-12 freezes when it should turn off :frowning: To wake it up I need to “short circuit” it using the second row dots on the back, really annoying. And it also discharges all the battery from time to time (a lot faster than the other ones) with this weird behavior.