Polygogo Module


New eurorack oscillator module by E-RM that features a synthesis method called ‘polygonal synthesis’. Waveforms are generated by rotating shapes, here is a description from E-RM:

Based on the number of vertices (order) and their displacement (teeth), the fundamental tone and the harmonic ratio are created. Rotational modulation (roll) pans the sound in the stereo field or acts as a vibrato. The internal linear FM operator (OP ratio / OP amt) can modulate the fundamental frequency and its high spectral content. An analog overflow stage at the output (fold) is able to act as a wave crusher – thus, it gives sounds the finishing touch right in front of the output (X/Y).

The generated visuals remind me a bit of the tombola sequencer on the OP-1. There is definitly a resemblance to the UI asthetics and the approach of unconventioal links between sound & visuals.


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Just saw a demo of this on YouTube. I really like this concept. This is what digital synthesis should be like. Fun, visual and unusual-sounding. Like OP-1.

I wish this was a standalone device. I’m pretty sure adding a filter, an LFO and an envelope generator would make this a fairly competitive device in its own right. (Yep, I’m not into modular.)

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