Poppin` up encoders

it makes me laugh why someone would pay money for a desksaver for the op-z. To protect it from what? friggindust? (also the idea of wanting to plant massive dated-dials on those beautiful and extremely efficient encoders is beyond me...fetishfreaks). but the karma boomerang slapped; op-z on holiday, beach, sand, and now a gritty feeling encoder. How do ya popem up? x

var shit_list:Array = ["big dials", "tassel loafers", "pineapple pizzas", "guinea pigs", "Spritz", "mullet", "Ethiopian coffee", "Elektron", "plush dices", "shrimp sashimi", "tie and dye t-shirt", "Jennifer Lawrence", "dogs with long hair", "bucket hat", "low profil tires", "flip-flaps", "TE", "fat cats", "mink chapka", "New Balance sneakers", "IPA beers", "Jennifer Connelly", "sencha tea", "bowlcut"]

while me is dumb :
	me.setting[] = shit_list.rand()


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@jim - I bought a decksaver for my OPZ for the specific purpose to protect it (and especially the protruding KNOB) when being transported in a bag. Are you laughing at me too?


No idea what a mink chapka is but id replace Elektron & TE with uptalk speakers who start every sentence with "So...", and so-called Boxsets which dont have a box. Hippie cats are far worse that long haired dogs though.

Sorry Cloudburst. I didn`t really mean to to offend anyone x