Popping sound (not on loop crossover!)

Hi OP-1 family.

I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on this issue for me please.

I’m on OS R14203 and have just performed a factory reset on my beloved OP-1.

I made a nice little 4 bar chord progression using the string synth engine with a touch of reverb.

I have used the endless sequencer to make the pattern in question and have recorded to track 1.

I also made a little lead line with the endless sequencer and put this down on track 2.

Now here’s the thing, when switching between synth presets 1-8 whilst the aforementioned loop is playing I get a pop on both preset 1 (Digital synth engine) and preset 3 (Dr Wave synth engine).

Is this normal behaviour as I haven’t noticed it before and it makes it awkward to change patches when the sequencer is running?

Any answers appreciated.

Edit, it sounds more glitchy than poppy.

at times i’ve noticed phantom pops, after recordings that i’ve stopped short, appearing in tracks, the next time I try to record over that segment in between loop points. to get rid of that pop, I record blank over the section and then lift it away. and then record the segment I wished to add in the first place, sans pop.

i’ve also noticed, (but only with the main FX while recording to album) that turning on/off effects or switching between them during playback causes clicks or pops that can be quite jarring, especially in relationship to how much effect is being rendered. in the master FX it always resets the effect to the default as well, which is kind of a bummer, as a side note.

I wonder if the second bit is what occurs, or is related, as you switch between two separate sounds with different effects.

Hi Kin, the glitches only happen when switching between the 1 & 3 presets with the tape running, neither have FX turned on by default.

This leads me to believe it’s not FX related at all.

Please would someone be kind enough to check this for me on their unit, it will only take a moment or two.

Please would someone be kind enough to check this for me on their unit, it will only take a moment or two.

there is no need. clicks and pops end up on the tape for no particular reason. it’s just how the OP1 works - it’s messy and noisy. the trick is to love it the way it is.

I think you are misunderstanding, I have had my OP-1 for well over a year now and have never heard this before.

The popping/glitching is not on the tape at all, when I change synth presets with the tape playing there are noises when selecting synth presets 1 and 3.

Is this normal?

Well one last bump to see if anyone will help before this thread goes in to the annals of lost assistance.

Yes, I get a weird noise when tape is playing and DRWAVE preset is selected (but not DSYNTH). It is not a pop, more like a zap, if that makes sense to you.

the patch you are playing must be at a fairly high point in it’s amplitude, and when it gets cut off by changing to a different patch…it leaves a “pop” or a similar noise behind.

if you try what you are doing with different patches, or at a different point in the sound you are playing, the pop could sound greater or lesser, depending on the waveforms current amplitude when you switch.

it’s the exact same thing that occurs on the Tape on OP-1, or any DAW that i’ve ever used, where the waveform doesn’t get back to 0dB, and causes noise in the track.

you could record one of the parts to a free Tape track, using the events from the sequencer you wanted to play for that part. and then record the second part with the other events from the sequencer by overdubbing…or record the parts onto 2 different Tape tracks in totality, and use the Track muting to switch between them more seamlessly. or, of course, you could just let the pop exist, and add some character to the sound…depends on how much it annoys you.

maybe if choke groups ever make it into an OP-1 software update it could solve some of this, as you switch between patches (or sounds in the drum kit). but no matter what DAW or device you use, if you cut off a sound abruptly when the wave is at a high amplitude, you will likely get a “pop”.

@kln Note that I was not playing anything! I just selected a DRWAVE preset while the tape was playing a previously recorded strings tune.

that is interesting. perhaps it’s a bug.

sometimes when switching patches, the patch that was previously playing in that slot finishes playing where it left off. perhaps this is why you got a different sound then a pop?

i’m not sure why it keeps playing when you get back to it, but it can sometimes cause interesting effects.

Thank you @punji it would appear to be the same for both of us at least. Interestingly I had recorded the String synth too. I had never noticed this behaviour before so thought it was worth checking. Thanks for confirming.

I even get little hiccups if I change the track focus (select track to be recorded to) on the Tape while it’s playing.

Hmmm, I know it’s a quirky little monster and I love it very much.

The OP-1 needs to be accepted warts and all, just wanted to check I’m not alone on this.

I’ll look out for the noises when changing tracks too.

Makes me think that perhaps we have reached the limits of what this little fella will do?

Thanks guys!

I even get little hiccups if I change the track focus (select track to be recorded to) on the Tape while it's playing.

yeh that’s because while you hold the T1234 button it soloes the track in question…

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