Portable companion speaker for OP-1 / PO's

Hey dudes,

I’m after a speaker (battery powered). To take around with the OP1. Price, size, volume, and BASSsSSSSS are all factors to consider.

I would mainly use it for jamming, and not for actual performance, so obs it doesn’t need to be at that level.

Tl;dr - want a small speaker to go with OP1. What do you use / recommend? Purchase links would be G.


A bit spendy, but I can recommend a Minirig:

I like the UE Boom for the design and build, but apparently the JBL charge sounds better for a similar price. Minirig also meant to be great.

If you want cheap and disposable, an xmini does a surprisingly good job.

+1 xmini 2 .great chained up two as cheap portables.

I have the UE Megaboom, which is a monster for its size. Unfortunately UE introduced unmanageable latency in their latest two firmwares. This makes it next to impossible to use it for live playing. For me anyway, maybe others can cope better.


Compact, battery-powered bass amp. Not too spendy.

JBL Charge 3

or you can wait for the flip 4 comes spring2017
but the charge3 is goooooooooood :D

Thanks guys. This is all really helpful.

I just bought a JBL Charge 3. Ioving the well defined sound with rich Bass! And 20 hours of battery life.

Bought the Denon Envaya. Best in its price class

Another vote for Charge 3 - will outlast the OP-1’s battery, and then recharge it for you, and still keep going! Also goes just about loud enough to use as a monitor in live gigs.

Is the Charge 3 able to “depict” sub bass?


Just tried a JBL Flip 3 through my MPC and PO-28 and it’s nice. Can’t comment on the OP-1though, don’t have one yet.

I use a Marshall Kilburn, and it is pretty great. Really nice build, good eq and gets pretty loud. I was playing my drum machine through it recently, and it was booming.