Portable power for op-1 with sunshine

Hello op-1 people. Two days ago i got me a waka waka power, it was on my to get list for a long time, so when i had the change to get it for 50€ (the first gen)
I did it, Because iTS not only a portable light aka solar lamp. Its also a USB charger with a 2200ma battery, so when iTS fully loaded. Ill test if its suitable for the op-1, i really hope So. Perfect for holidays off the grid. With electronic music

Would be interesting to hear how it works!

First try out. To load the op-1 with a waka waka solarpower USB charging device
To be continued

It works! Perfect. Last time i charged the op-1 with an Apple charger it got the power led bug thing
But now it says four green and one red. So fully charged in an hour. Waka waka power. For even longer off the grid music making adventures

my op1 pretty much always reads 3 bars full of power. i have had the board replaced twice.