portable production monitors?

Hello there!

Just considering going on a vacation with tonnes of music gear - outside of using headphones for monitoring, I really like the idea of taking a solid, light weight portable pair of audio monitors…

Does anyone have any recommendations for this purpose?

I’d been looking at the Focal CMS 40’s, but they still weigh in at about 10 kilos.

Anyone got any hot tips for a killer portable speaker setup?

Cheers guys!

Happy Tweaking!

Never tried these, but lots of people have recommended them to me http://minirigs.co.uk/portable-speaker

If you’re looking for a battery-powered monitor speaker, as in, something to do critical mixing on, I’m not sure that exists.

If you can settle for a good-sounding speaker, +1 on the minirig. Crazy battery life, good sound, lots of volume to be had… Awesome in many ways.

doesn’t have to be battery powered - happy to plug into mains.

minirig looks sick!

have you guys heard the sub, or two in stereo?

get the little genelecs - sound bigger than they are. of course, no bass sub.

i think they’re called headphones ;p


i really dislike using headphones.

everyone from here to the monome forums rave about the minirigs.

i use the bose soundlink mini. it has good bass response for its size, better than any other mainstream portable speaker that i've tried.

ue mini boom