Portable recorder opinions needed

Hm, so I’m doing some podcasting and my audio interface (AudioBox USB 96) is glitching out on my main computer. It’s a USB driver issue where it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Also, sometimes I want to not use a computer at all, but have access to a nice condenser microphone.

I checked out reviews of some modern portable recorders. Many of them work as a USB audio interface, plus standalone recorders. Thought I saw that Tascam DR-40 has noisy preamps and Zoom H4 has a super-long boot time. Hm.

Do you have a portable recorder that you like, which works well with external microphones and has audio interface capabilities?

Id say use the Korg Koass Pad mini 2S. It has audio in and out, so you can record into it with either the inbuilt mic or the line in and you can send out out (either via the built in the speaker) or via the line out.

You can put a large memory card in it to store loads of your projects recorded on there and not ONLY that but you get all the EFX that the KP2 mini can do to your signal. The effects are amazing for a battery operated, portable unit.

They are not too expensive also. You can resample on it so you can use that to resample sounds from the OPZ (a feature not on the OPZ)

Do you really care about it?
BTW I like my Zoom H2n

I am spoiled by DR-05, which boots pretty fast. I know “upgrading” to something that doesn’t would bother me. Plus, sometimes I want to just pick up a recorder and dictate an idea I have.

Maybe just a mobile phone then?

BOSS BR-80 is another good option. Pretty small and has built in multitrack recording.

I was looking at a 1010music bluebox, but it’s a) wired and b) fairly expensive. Has multitrack recording and effects though, a really attractive package.

I ended up getting a Zoom H1n. Always wanted a field recorder, and I can use this one as a limiter in front of my headphones, too, even when I just pass audio through without recording anything. I’m using my TE stuff with Bastl gear, and the Bastls can get quite loud.

I suggest you buy Zoom H6 and Tascam DR-05X, they both have a Variety of recorder options, it easily Easily integrated into multimedia, well there are too many available too, but for me these two are perfect.