Portable Recorder to record OP-Z & OP-1 Jams

hey folks,
i need some advice - im looking to record my operator sets and i recently had the chance to play around with an old zoom h1 and a recent tascam dr05x, neither of which can really handle line level input. the h1 did ok with the op-z volume set to the least amount possible but the dr05x introduced a ton of noise during silent parts.

im currently looking at the dr40x and the zoom h4n pro, both have dedicated line level inputs and theyre in a similiar price range, which would you reccommend if any?

most if not all of these field recorder type devices
have an auto gain feature
wonder if u had that turned on and thats why u experienced what u did?
or maybe the internal gain was jacked up?

they all should be able to handle line level input
most of them have a line level input
and have plenty of gain range

i dunno not saying u did anything wrong
i’ve just never had any problems before
i’ve owned both tascams and zooms
they are both good

personally i really like this korg sos i scooped awhile ago
allows u to overdub as many takes and keeps the .wav’s all separate
and has some pretty nice fx on it too

thanks for the response, i checked this and even the tascam manual contains a caveat relating to its combined mic in/line in jack:

i If an external audio device with a fixed output line level
is connected, it might not be possible to control the gain
level of excessively loud input signals. In such cases, use
the headphone jack or other level-controllable output for
connection to the unit.

do u have the disable hp reduction feature turned on in the settings of your Z maybe?

honestly i never even knew about that.