Portable STEM Player designed with TE + Kanye West?

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maybe it comes as a module for the Z



fascinating. can’t find any google reverse image search results.

Last image is an Instagram story (“the future” font matches). but whose?

Just linking the original thread:


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Kanye's chef is showing off the stem player by isolating out the instrumental of Water.

Do you think all these people inside Kanye's camp showing it off mean it might be for sale soon 🧐⁉️ pic.twitter.com/TzptMk6Nls

— West Sub Ever (@WestSubEver) March 17, 2021

Is this a popular audio format? Or would it be more a DJ tool?

Based on how old that other thread is and how yellow that unit is on Twitter, I am thinking it isn’t a project currently under development

Yellow? It’s the natural color of it, it’s not yellowing from age. It’s a cream color like computers from the 80’s-90’s

My bad – when I glanced at it at first, just seemed like it looked older in the video than in the pics.

Ever since Kanye called slavery a “choice,” No product with his name on it will get 1 dime from me.


this is not a product

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You’ll sure show him!

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Not exactly exciting… there is probably a free app for that. It would be more interesting if it had some “magic”, like an OB-4.

So it’s a mini four track without a audio input besides type c? Cool for using with opz but putting a real input on it would have made a better product… They are so apple about everything…

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It has the look of the very first Sony Walkman.

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But remixing your prerecorded loops in you pocket sounds great! Just an immediate tool without any distraction. Imagine OP-1 stems in you pocket.


Donda Stem Player

Looks like TE did a prototype but Kano is the company actually bringing one to market?

There are videos/pics of this Kano one going even further back than the TE one, they are separate entities which are both going to be released