POs now on backorder

I checked Teenage Engineering’s website and dropped all three PO’s into my shopping card. Even though the cart says that they are “in stock”, there’s a note on the side of each one stating that the items are back-ordered and will take 6-8 weeks to deliver. Obviously I’m very happy that TE have a great hit on their hands but I’m saddened I waited to order and now have to wait even longer to get them. Early bird catches the worm…

^sucks. But its gotten me excited our PO’s will ship in less than 6-8 weeks!

i read a cheap monday interview where they said they would have POs in their online store the first week of february, as well as select physical stores at the same time….

Does this mean that if you ordered, got a confirmation and payed, they are still not delivered?

I’m thinking that if you ordered and got a confirmation e-mail, your order will be shipped in a timely basis using the current stock they have on hand. Obviously what’s happened is that they’ve literally sold out of their current stock and any orders after a certain date (Saturday morning is when I saw the back-order notification) will have to wait 6-8 weeks before the stock can be refilled.

Obviously, that’s just my guess but I’m thinking you will be fine based on the information currently available.

This is obviously good news for TE since they certainly have a hot item and an easy impulse buy for many people.

Yes, this is great news. I see TE making even more amazing products in the future. I think your best bet is to tune in on Cheap Mondays website They said ‘beginning of February’.