POs sync'd to Ableton Link and iPad Using Koala

Hey friends. I’m pretty stoked about this. I put Koala on my iPhone and sent sync out to four POs using a sync splitter which then allowed me to sync them all to Ableton Link which then syncs to apps in my iPad. Here’s a quick video I shot as a test run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHY_jPWXEm8

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It works fine here, but I noticed the public release doesn’t have the PO sync function while the beta does. Is there a word from the developer to confirm the feature will stay?
Some time ago it had it, on a previous beta, but it never made it to the release

What? No it’s an IAP called Samurai. It’ll add more functionality to Koala including the PO sync feature.

Oh, now I see

Those functions are available in the beta. If they added them to an IAP then it means they have kept them. Will reload the public release and might proceed to buy the add-on!

Oh good you had me a bit confused there lol glad we got it sorted!

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