Possible battery problems

I’ve noticed something weird. When the OP-1 is on and I press the help switch to check the battery, two LEDs light up. When I turn it off and plug a USB charger, it lights up all the way and doesn’t charge.

Everything else seems to be working fine and the self-test shows everything is ok. Anybody else with this kind of problem?

Yes -the level meter behaves strange.I find it better to charge while its switched on.The meters seem to allow me to get more juice into it,but if switched off it does seem to stop charging quicker.
I always use a MacBook USB socket as it seemed to create more problems using wall sockets with different amps.

Not sure how accurate my methods are ,but its well documented the problems with the battery meter.There is other threads on this forum on this.
You can reset the meter by draining the battery fully until OP1 switches itself off.
Leave the power switch in the On position ,then charge fully over 4-6 hours.
Meter should behave better then …and does seem improved ,but still prone to misbehave.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

are you using the op1-branded usb cable? make sure you use a nice charger with it. a good shielded usb cable is a must; i have a bunch of cheap cables that simply don’t work with the op1, despite being ok electrically. happens to me with a bunch of usb drives too.

Only thing that makes my meter not act odd is charging off a Mac. Only device I’ve ever had this picky

Recently I got into the habit of charging my OP-1 off the iConnectMIDI and the meter seems to be behaving better than it used to.