Possible to use opz as an audio output on ableton?

I can’t seem to make this happen, I can’t hear tracks on ableton through opz through the normal usb c cable

try this : OP-Z guide: input selection


thanks for that, worked a treat!!!, but now I have a new problem, so i can hear the two tracks I already recorded in there, but I want to record a new track in on a different audio track while the other two are playing how do I do that without recording the other two tracks in there onto the third track? - I haven’t had any time to think about a solution for this yet by myself

or can I only mute them to achieve this and put the metronome on to stay in time?

on op-z go to track14. press shift, while pressing shift you will see yellow lights. yellow lights are midi channels. press on yellow lights to mute and unmute midi channel :wink:


you are a reservoir of knowledge thanks for that, it seems i have active track to 1, i know how to turn that off on the bluetooth app on my phone but the actual problem i had is i have two tracks in on ableton already not on the opz, I am just playing live on the opz, but you have raised an interesting idea, where I can just play live on the opz and input it through midi, if I have someone like you to help me if I get stuck on the way - the problem at the moment is the two tracks on ableton already are bleeding in to the recording on ableton of the live recording I am playing in on the opz

audio from ableton goes into op-z… and from op-z goes back to ableton. that’s not good. solution: dont stream audio from ableton into op-z. if you have to monitor your audio from ableton, use a speaker. than play op-z into ableton.

nice one, can’t wait to try it, but thinking of how to implement it makes me realise that I don’t know how to, as far as I can tell if I change the output it does it for all tracks on ableton not per track, so I wouldn’t be able to direct the two tracks on ableton already to the laptop audio output and then the track I want to record in to output with direct monitoring on the opz - help?

this system would create a feedback loop. you are streaming back audio while sending audio. you have to monitor true your DAW not op-z. how ever i’m not an expert in DAWs, that’s why I use op-z :joy:

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ok i think what you were saying is just output both of them through the computer’s output, but then my understanding then is that there is going to be latency, it might be small coz you play with the buffer size but there will be some latency and the monitoring won’t be direct, am I right?

people often say you have to monitor through your audio interface to avoid latency - and apparently the opz acts like one

op-z can act like anything you want. Its not only a synth or a midi controller, sequencer… so you have to chose a side. You want do use your computer as DAW or you want to use op-z as DAW. You chose both, so thats why it would not work.


this might be what u are after
if u haven’t tried this already
// https://teenage.engineering/guides/op-z/input-selection#usb-audio-monitor-mode

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