Power Supply

Does someone knows a wprkin power supply for the PO-Modular? I dont want to waste more money on batteries.
I have this adapter. https://www.justmusic.de/Keys/Zubehoer-fuer-Tasteninstrumente/Netzteile/Justin-3R15GS But it is not working with the PO-Modular.

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I recommend this one: https://www.rhino-tek.com/collections/usb-adapters/products/example-pst-3000mfu-12-volt-dc-3000ma-power-adapter-with-multiple-dc-outputs-dc-plugs

It was recommended on forums for the PO 400 and it works fine for me.


I bought a TC Electronics supply that had correct voltage/current and just hard wired/soldered to the existing battery terminals (low heat though/use heat sinks on the terminals - I nearly melted them off!) TE used a stupid DC barrel size on the PSU (should have been the guitar pedal standard really).

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