Power switch acting up


They seem to think I should try to find out who sells op-1 parts on my holiday to japan and get them to give me one. No actual info given on who in japan sells parts or does repairs.


Hi guys, need some help please. I’m experiencing some of the same issues. This is what’s happening for me: OP-1 takes ages to come on after switching on; the OP-1 randomly restarts all the time; touching the power switch (even slightly) causes OP-1 to restart; holding COM while turning on either fails to bring up COM screen or it comes up briefly and then OP-1 restarts. Have done all tests - it goes wrong on battery test, so I’m wondering if that’s something to do with it. I’ve emailed TE. I’m hoping it doesn’t mean a new IO board. Any help/advice much appreciated, even if it’s to say I’m on the right track with what I’m doing.


I ended up sending mine in and getting a new IO board. Wish I had just ordered the board and saved money, but I wasn’t totally sure that was the only problem.

In any case, it did fix all my problems. Hopefully that’s the last repair I’ll need for a long time.


My switch started acting up last night. F. M. L. Only if I bump/tap it, though. I’m not paying iFixit for an io board, though, not with the way they sell them.


Hey guys, just a heads up to anyone who is experiencing this ghost in the OP1 that turns the thing on when the switch is off. It’s been bugging me for too long, but I’ve solved this exact problem yesterday by resoldering (reflowing) the switch. If you have an iron with a thin tip it’s worth give it a try before you order a new i/o board.


How do you get into there to resolder the power switch?


These steps will get you to the board: