Power Switch

Hey folks,

I had an OP-1 a few years ago and sold it because of different reasons.
A thing I remember about this machine is, that the power switch was quite hard to move, which I liked a lot.

So … a few days ago I had a weak moment which led to the purchase of a brand new OP-1.

A thing I noticed was that the power switch feels different than the one I touched years ago. It takes almost no effort to turn the switch into “on”-position, but if I want to switch it off, it’s more sticky. I’d like to know if Teenage Engineering maybe changed this in their later batches of production.

Could you guys tell me how your power switch is like?

Best regards,
Hi Ben

The first OP-1 I had had exactly the same power switch 'problem' as you describe it. I thought it felt weird at the time too, so I returned it for a new one. The new one didn't have the satisfying 'click' that you would expect when switching a power switch on and off, but it was harder to move back and forth than the first one so I kept and still have it.

See my post about the same thing here: https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/423/op-1-power-switch#latest

Thanks a lot for your comment, it’s helpful.