[pre-alpha] opie

Well hello friends and lovers!

I started working on a tool I call Opie (Almost Famous fans in the house?) to automate the manual tasks I find myself doing with my beloved so frequently.

Most importantly to me, it helps people create music packs from your presets, similar to what many of us were doing manually (cuckoo’s packs, for example). It also lets you export and import packs, so we can more easily share sounds, which I’m really looking forward to.


"opie backup" (and “opie restore”) - take full backup of OP-1 (not firmware, just the tape/album/drum/synth a.k.a. TADS says nobody)

packs (aka preset groups)

“opie pack sync” - sync all packs from OP-1
"opie pack push" - push a pack from computer to OP-1
"opie pack make" - turn a user preset (1-8) into a preset within a specific group (“pack”)
“opie pack export” - bundle a pack for sending to other opie users
"opie pack add" - add a downloaded bundle to your pack list, which you can put on your OP with "opie pack push"

This is an early preview. Right now it will only work on OS X and Linux that have Python 3.5 installed. It’s only tested on OS X at the moment. Don’t trust it with anything or whatever.

I’m working out the best way to start a sound repository for people to upload soundpacks and download them from opie directly, since that’s the feature I think would be really awesome to keep the OP-1 exciting and build up the music maker community.

"pip3 install opie"

hosting and repo
I’m looking into providing hosting to start a op-1 sound repo. Will update here, and probably start off inviting people on operator-1 boards before open registration.

windows users
sorry. if you’re into python on windows and develop, hit up the repo.

linux users
if you’re a developer, your help would be useful! linux should not be hard, i’m just traveling and don’t have a linux box/VM with me right meow.

[edit jul 10, 2017]

Nice tool, will give it a run at home when I’m with my OP1.
I own a Godaddy (unlimited) shared hosting account, so if you need help with hosting or mirroring files, let me know.

Always glad to see someone bringing tools on the table :slight_smile:

This is cool, @jakeokay !

just added experimental support for linux

Thanks @pianobar and @LyingDalai!

And @pianobar as for hosting, I’ll let you know about if a mirror is needed. I appreciate the offer :).