Preserving the built-in speaker D:

Luckily at an early stage in owning the synth I discovered I should really watch my levels constantly so as not to damage this little speaker; but I am finding out that the speaker cant take a lot of heat at all :frowning: I am noticing that it is starting to distort when the volume is peaking around the 2nd volume light from the bottom (this is the case with bass sounds a lot)… I’ve owned this thing for around 4 months

I know the speaker isn’t really built for heavy use… but I do love it a lot as it allows me to share creations casually, as well as create casually too (when I dont want headphones giving me a headache over time or the chord restriction of monitors).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to preserve the little bugger? Is anyone’s speaker fully blown/ near useless? What about sending it to TE to get it fixed under warranty or some shit?

My speaker sound quite horrible. Thought about replacing it since my warranty has expired. But haven’t gotten around to find a replacement.

Some info on this would be awesome. If that proves to difficult i thought about building a case with better speakers in it.

I guess, using master eq and reducing bass + adding some drive without distorting, to compress some peaks should help having cleaner sound + extend spkr life. x