Presets for brand new OP-1

Hey, all…

got my OP-1 last night… and stayed up WAY late playing on it…

one thing i noticed is that for all the synths (besides drums) there are no presets available. is this by design?

i am okay with this, just thought it was weird…

does anyone have a good place to look for presets to start off with?


While in synth mode (blue wavy button), pressing SHIFT + any key 1-8 will bring up the presets.

  • Hit the blue ‘synth mode’ button.
    - Hold ‘shift’ and hit one of the buttons 1-8.
    - Turn the blue knob to select the synth engine.
    - Turn the green button to select the preset.

    If you then make some changes you don’t like…
    - Hold ‘shift’ and hit the blue ‘synth mode’ button to return to the preset with default parameters.


found it! thanks guys!

i keep getting sidetracked with as i learn to mess with each new feature… will be finally making a track maybe tomorrow…

I still feel this effect ,after 18 months. check this thread for endless amounts of custom presets

Don’t forget the amazing Patch Randomizer

The fun for me is exploring the noises a new synth can make.Get it out my system and it becomes more bread and butter.
I have a feeling the OP-1 is going to be turning up possibilities for…for ever .