Printable pdf of v.2.2 manual [link]

After a bit of fidgeting with jquery I created an updated pdf version of the guide.
If you need it grab it here Looks like it will be available for 30 days (due to this “” host policies, whatever), I would have attached it here on a permanent way but looks like the attachment thing doesn’t work for me on this site.

Thank you for doing this; much appreciated!

I took the liberty of adding internal bookmarks and changing the links in the index to point to the internal pages rather than linking back to the online manual. This makes it completely offline. I’ve uploaded the modified version to my server for a while. If anyone wants it, the link is:

Thank you both! Would it be possible to darken the font color? I printed it with my home printer and the text is pretty bright (although this mainly is because of my shitty printer I guess). But I wanna print it through a online service and wanna make sure the readability is good.

edit: after checking these out, i think they’re already good enough! thanks again