Pro-tip: entering chords on step sequencer (+ tips for arp)

I figured this out today after unsuccessfully searching the manual, so if you were wondering:

  1. Hold down a step button.
  2. If you want to set note duration: hold the first step, press the step where you want the note to end and keep holding the first step button!
  3. Press all notes you want to be played.
  4. Release the step button!

This is particularly handy for the arp channel. Bonus: the arp notes will be played on the same order you input them, and you can even set repeated notes! It’s like a mini step sequencer within the step sequencer. :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:


Hey thanks for the tip, I knew about setting notes on a step but didn’t realise you could Input order and repeat notes on the arp track!


Yeah, that input order is a great find!

Awesome, thanks for the great tip! :+1:

This really is an excellent tip!

What U mean repeated notes?

It means you can have an arp that goes C D# D# E E for example! It doesn’t need to be just each note playing once.

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but it just plays a chord like it would normally do, at least the OP-Z shows all notes as a chord and the rest is done by the arp itself.

i thought you could easily spread out a note within a 16 bar on mikrosteps without putting it to a longer duration with track speed.

Well, you can’t win them all.

Hey : )

thanks,good tips for the arp,note repeat is neat !
it’s far more editable than it looks.

Great tip!

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Additional tip: if you edit the note length on the arp track by holding shift on the first page (white leds) and turning the green encoder, you can input full arpeggios on a single step. If you don’t do this, you’ll typically just end up with a single note on a single step.

This means that you can create very long and advanced arpeggios on a single track. Try setting the track length to x 8 and inputting 16 consecutive arpeggios and you’ll see how crazy it is.


U mean with track speed?

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This all depends on the arp mode obv

yap. edited. :wink:

Hey @Operator666, do you mean hold track then adjust Green to change default note length for the track?
I’m trying to figure out how to change length of notes of live recorded trigs(not just in the Arp track) … I know hold step and then extend duration to another step (leaving a trail of deep blue steps) … I mean adjusting recorded trig length to fraction of one step… The app shows a single note length of ie. 0.4,or 0.7 etc… But how to adjust that?
anyone know?


Thank you! Was just trying to figure this out, glad I could find an answer so quick.