problem getting op-1 to function as midi controller

Hey, I’m very new to this so maybe I’m missing something obvious here. I’m trying to use my OP-1 as a MIDI controller on my pc. As I understand it, this should allow me to play my OP-1 keyboard and control a software synth on my pc, right? I’m using Windows 10 and was trying out Reaktor 6 Player with a free instrument. OP-1 is connected to my pc with USB, and I have put it in CTRL mode, MIDI channel is 1. The OP-1 doesn show up as a MIDI device, but its status remains ‘off’ in Reaktor. Switching it to On doesn’t work. I tried MIDI tester which just said it can’t open the OP-1 MIDI device. MIDI-OX just says I don’t have enough memory when selecting the OP-1 but I have 16gb of RAM so I presume that program is just too old to work with 64bit cpu. I tried Reaper but that also doesn’t work, I don’t get an error or anything, just doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

I found the solution, somehow Chrome blocks the MIDI device from being opened. Close Chrome and I can enable it in Reaktor, I can reopen it again afterwards and it keeps working.