Problem getting OP-Z Audio via USB picked up by Elektron Analog Rytm

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so the Elektron Analog Rytm has the big benefit of being a class compliant USB audio device, meaning that in theory I should be able to grab both audio and MIDI data from any other cc USB audio device using just one cable, which, for my minimalist setup, would be ideal.
I have managed to connect the my phone to the Rytm and was immediately able to send and receive audio data to and from it, which is great and very handy. However, trying to do the same with the OP-Z has yielded no such result so far. The Rytm does receive MIDI data from the OP-Z but the OP-Z never even attempts to transfer any audio to the Rytm via USB; in fact, it remains in speaker mode when plugged in. Note that I’m using the same cable for this as I have for connecting the Rytm to my phone, so I suppose we can rule out that being the issue.
When connecting the OP-Z to my phone via USB-C, the audio connection works just fine bidirectionally, too.
I’m wondering whether anyone here has run into a similar issue before and would appreciate any hints and help!

Class-compliant means that you can connect it to a computer and without installing drivers on that computer (or phone/iPad). It won’t let you connect it to the OP-Z and send audio back and forth.

The OP-Z is also a MIDI host. This means that it can send and receive midi over USB without needing a computer in between.

To sum up: you can send midi back and forth between the AR and the OP-Z using just a USB cable.

For audio over USB, you need a computer in between. And not an iPhone/iPad either, because those can only connect to one audio interface at a time.

You might be better off using a small audio mixer instead.

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Ahh, I see! I was under the impression that class-compliant devices were able to communicate audio with one another directly.
Thank you, that clears up that misconception! Guess I’ll be syncing tempo and transport via USB and handling audio via traditional audio cables, then!

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