Problem with Ableton MIDI and Endless Sequencer

I’m using simple MIDI data in Ableton to trigger my OP-1 that is connected as an external instrument.

It’s a very simple 4 note sequence in the endless sequencer. Obviously each note triggers this sequence. Simple enough. When I play back the MIDI track in Live (the single note data i want to trigger the sequence), the sequencer just starts playing random notes, not what it’s supposed to. It sort of seems to go down octaves with random notes or something. It’s very odd, all my other external synths work fine connected to Live and I feel like I’ve tried everything…

It works fine otherwise. It just doesn’t play the sequencer properly for some odd reason.

Anyone else had this problem? I’m hoping i’m just not realizing something super simple.


you may have figured it out @PDB77 but I suspect your problem is that MIDI is being routed back to the OP-1 while recording, continuously triggering the sequencer from different notes. make sure MIDI out to the OP-1 is off while recording.