Problem with Charging :(

hi all

i got a used op1 about 5 months ago, and may be experiencing some battery issues

1. i left him plugged into the outlet to charge all night… the LEDS have stopped blinking or showing any light so i assumed it fully charged

2. when i turn him on and check the status, the LEDs only go to the 3rd one

3. now when i plug him in, i get no charging indicator lights

its as if it charges up to the 3rd indicator only

can anyone advise?

kind of worried

thanks again!

welcome to the OP-1’s quirky battery meter.

The good news is, your OP-1 is fine :slight_smile:

there really isn’t any bad news unless you count the fact that this happens at all, and somewhat regularly for some. Leaving it plugged into a computer seems to unfuck the meter eventually, but your OP-1 should still get great battery life despite only going up to 3 LEDs.