Problem with Knob A of PO-33

Does anybody has any annoying problem with the knobs of any pocket operator? because i have a PO-33 and the knob A glitched and i can’t use it correctly. Does anybody know how can i solve that problem?
can anybody help me? :’(

if u are talking about your knobs jumping around and acting a fool
then yes this is fairly common with most POs.

u could try spraying a lil deoxit in them and see if that helps

i replaced all the pots on my POs w/ better quality ones and they work properly now 100%


Do you know the part #’s, Doc?

any standard 9mm pot will fit


Oh well that’s simple enough, thanks!

If you are going to do this, cut off all the pins of the bad pot with a cutting plier, desolder each pin at a time, clean all the solder pads with a wick and then finally solder the new pot.