Problem with my new PO-20

Hello, I received my PO-20 yesterday and I have some problems.
First of all, I know a bit about POs that already have a PO-35.
But my PO-20, turns off by itself after not even 2 minutes after putting in new batteries(yesterday i went to the supermarker and buy a new set of batteries). And the batteries when I leave them are abnormally hot (and even with new batteries i get the Low Batt icon). I tried a reset, without success. It’s quite frustrating because I had to use it today during a live performance.
What frustrates me is that for the little that I have been able to use it I like it very much but as it goes off constantly I cannot do much with it.
Can you help me?

I had this exact thing with a brand new KO a couple of weeks ago. I sent it back straight away.
It 100% shouldn’t be doing that.

Ok thanks, i try to troubleshoot more and a few things popped up :

  • i can’t save my patterns,
  • the shutdown does not work (Sound + Write).
    I already send an email hope they send me a new one, i am really disappointed.

@LockdownParadise What is the procedure for returning a product? I ordered my PO-20 ot the TE official website (not at a reseller).

I’m afraid I don’t know. I got mine from Amazon. I’m sure there’ll be a link to contact them either in your receipt / shipping confirmation or contact them by email with your order number.
Hope they resolve it for you quickly

Ok thanks sorry to bother you about that. I will open a ticket or contact them by email on monday.
Thanks for your reply.

Absolutely no problem! Good luck!

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Get in touch with support via email, they are generally very helpful in my experience with returns, will take some time depending on where you are but good service for a smaller sized company

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Thanks to both of you, i will contact TE on monday.