problem with sampler

Hello I just got my OP-1 so I may be missing something here but I am trying to use the input to record a sample onto my keyboard. I have watch may videos on this and follow these step: having the input already plugged in I go to sampler on my synthesizer, then press a key on my keyboard. At that moment a screen comes up that says Standby, has a keyboard sign, a microphone and an arrow pointing to the microphone. Thats as far as I can get, I can hear the input the whole time. Any advice would help at all thanks. :]

Maybe turn the white knob down to reduce the input threshold. Also: don’t forget that you have to hold a key to initiate sampling. Alternatively, you can record your keyboard to tape and lift from tape and drop into the sampler. 6 seconds for the key sampler, 12 for the drum sampler.

thank a lot! I needed to turn the white bar down to initiate it now I have it recorded perfectly