Problems in synth mode

Hi guys, i’m having a provlem in synth and drum mode. The sound is pretty low and noisy iin all presets. But it’s normal and loud if iget into tape mode or master fx. It drives me mad because if i want to tweak sound i need to enter in synth mode but the sound is. Trrrible low. Am i missinig something? This didn’t happen yesterday. What can i do?

It’s a bit weird, because if i plug the op 1 into my headphone the problem doesn’t exist at all. But agian i pug it to the mixer and happens again. Normal volume if i get in the tape and play , and almos no volume if i go back to synth mode. againi plug the headphone and everything is ok. I really can’t figure out. I think is not a cable problem because wheni tape mode sounds normal. I dont know what to do.

Ok i used a diferent cable and everything works find. But i still don’t get why with the wrong cable there is a diference between tape mode and synth mode. Playing the same sound.

Maybe the previous cable was going into XLR / differential inputs of the mixer? The OP-1 engines are mono (i.e., same signal on both L/R outputs), but I think the master FX can add some stereo image (i.e., different signals on the L/R outputs).

Yeah , i have to check this out because i want to understand …