Problems when track speed is very slow?

I think I have discovered a bug… or is it my unit? I’m not really sure. I might be doing something wrong here.

I am trying to record a melodic pattern on the lead track set at an 8th of the actual track speed, my project bpm is 78, so kind of a long pattern. I noticed that while recording, my notes would be ok but on playback, some notes were omitted or moved… Quantize settings on 0 and swing on 50% (no swing).

After trying several things, I tried recording the same but at a faster tempo. So… at 110, but my track still at an 8th speed, works better, still some notes are omitted. When I record the same phrase on a normal track speed, it plays perfectly.

I’m guessing the OP-z has a little trouble handling too slow track speeds? or is there a solution I am not seeing?

Any help would be appreciated!

The manual says, each step has a resolution of 24 “ticks”. Since one step becomes longer, when increasing step length, it becomes more obvious, that you cannot record completely free, but are limited to those 24 ticks in-between two steps. Perhaps that results in your problem.