Problems while changing tracks in tape-mode

Hi all,
since two weeks the OP-1 is with me or I’m with it and we have an amazing time together so far. As an absolute beginner I have a question though. When I play a song in tape-mode and want to change the track slot from, lets say, 1 to 2 to jam over it, I get an uncomfortable stop moment in the song. This happens with all the track slots. I couldn’t find anything similar on the net so I hope someone knows, what is going on here. I bought it 2nd so I hope further its not broken; more like a setting problem. Thanks in advance for all tips, highly appreciated!

The track buttons also solo the track, so when you change track you also momentarily mute the other tracks.

Thanks for the feedback; so this is a „normal“ process which can’t be avoided? Seems kind of strange to me if you consider using it live and want to change/add stuff in your tracks…

Well I’ve not found a way round this, so I guess it is normal (unless more enlightened people know of workarounds)

Enlightened OP-1 Users, please guide us!! I updated with the latest firmware but still…momentarily song mute while changing in between the track slots! Anyone else faces that beside mesoboy and me?

Like above posts have stated, when moving from track to track it solos the track you press. I HAVE heard a work around for this, I wish I could remember what it was, but I found it in this forum.

I think you either press all tracks at the same time & lift off of the track you want to be on last or maybe press shift when you are selecting the track?

I’ll see if I can find the answer, but wanted to at least let you know there IS a solution.

I found this in another thread here

quote @eesn “it’s a tricky routine to master. identify the track absolutely essential to keep going so sound doesn’t cut off, and press that first and hold while you switch to your destination track. that’s how the lore goes ;”

So basically like I stated above, all tracks that have sound you want to continue to hear, press those & hold down, then press the one you want to go to…

I thought there was another way too, but above should work. Play around with it