Prototyping soft cases this weekend

Hey everyone,

Now that I finally have some time (I think), and its rainy and cold outside, I’m going to try to prototype the simple soft case. I originally wanted to use the fancy Marimekko fabric, but I also found some super cool printed canvas from Japan. Basically, this is going to be a super simple case for when you need some protection for your little buddy when you want to carry him/her around in another bag. Think of a nice, comfy sleeping bag for your OP1. It’s going to be an envelope style, that opens to one side and is secured with a large button. I’m also going to stick a little ‘secret’ pocket inside for a USB cable or whatever else you want to stick in there. I’ve decided to go against zippers because they break, and against velcro because its loud and collects crumbs and lint and doesn’t agree with many fabrics and its loud. As of right now, the idea is to have the designer fabric on the outside, and have the inside lined with a soft, durable corduroy (think of overalls for a toddler) Anyway, I’m pretty excited, and I’ll put some pictures up when we get the first examples done!

Have you seen @cuckoo Instagram or Facebook? He’s working on a soft case too at the moment that he is thinking of selling too.

I’ll have to check it out!

Mine is quite a bit different to his, stylistically. And I’ll be using fabrics and not felt, but I like @cuckoo 's idea too!