PSA: Don't order gear from Musician's Friend

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Musician’s Friend for wasting my time and give you and advise you all to avoid them for TE or other gear.

Reason 1: They will list things as in stock, new and used, even when they aren’t. It says you can buy an item it will ship immediately, but then after you order your order status will change to “backordered” with no specified date. They will not notify you of this either, you have to check on an order’s status to notice that they lied or failed to update their system.

Reason 2: They will sell used items to multiple people. This is what motivated me to make this post (and never use them again). I bought a used Digitakt, received the confirmation order and payment summary with my credit card details. After two days I still didn’t get a shipping estimate (it said available to ship immediately when I ordered) and when I went into my order history on their website it now says “waiting to ship, item backordered”.

I know the shipping industry is crushed right now so I can totally understand a slow shipping time or unexpected delay, but backordered should mean “we have no more of these available at our warehouse supply, but you can place an order now to receive a future shipment”. This doesn’t make any sense for a used item, so I called into their support and the rep I talked to just said, “I see the problem, it looks like someone else bought the item already.” I said that didn’t make sense as I purchased it and have the confirmation order and bill statement, and the order has been sitting for days on my account as valid and waiting to be shipped. The rep just told me that these things happen when buying used items and there was nothing to be done about it (odd how I never have had this problem buying used or new gear from Reverb, Ebay, Sweetwater, etc…somehow they avoid selling the same item to multiple people).

The rep said they were canceling the order for the Digitakt and asked if, instead of canceling my purchase with them, I wanted to spend the purchase amount on something else that costs the same price their store…what???

Totally sleazy and incompetent business practices. Their “Stupid Deals” and used gear prices can be very tempting, but they aren’t worth the hassle and false advertising. Googling “Musician’s Friend backorder” also reveals that this is apparently a common practice for them. Spend your money elsewhere if you are hoping to get some new gear shipped by the holidays.