Punching in notes on PO-20 - Sound in the sequence not the sound I had picked

I’ve just received my PO-20 Arcade. Seems like a lot of fun, but there is a difference I’ve noticed between it and the PO-12. On the PO-12, when you’re not in write mode, if you turn the A and B dials to adjust an instrument’s sound, then enter write mode, you will write those steps with the tone you had just dialed in.

But the PO-20 does not seem to let me do this. I’ve been adjusting the tone while not in write, but when I punch it into the sequencer, it seems to assign to it whatever tone it wants. Is it just assigning it to the parameter lock that is already established? Is there a way to clear this parameter locking? Any help would be appreciated, it seems like this is the easiest way to get the exact sound you want and I’m confused why it isn’t working.

I understand that you can dial in specific settings for each step just by holding down the number and adjusting A and B. I’m just wondering how to set the note using A + B, then write those specific settings.

I think it isn’t possible. A workaround, which I find not much less convenient, is to have the sequence running, and pop in the notes live with the Write button. When you live record, it records it with whatever pitch it’s currently set to with the knobs.