PX-0 - Genuine?

Spotted these on Aamzon:


A classic case of too good to be true? A bit cheeky if so considering they’re fulfilled by Amazon! Anyway, I’m taking a punt - any suggestions on what to look for/check to determine whether they are knock off or not?

I’m not holding out much hope but I was in need of a cheap set of in ear 'phones so though stuff it.

Can’t help you, sorry, but the reviews made me laugh:

Great earphones with a simplistic yet colourful design. The only problem is that the right one gave up and went dead after a week. So since it was useless I just cut it off. They’re still great though! It comes with (I believe l can’t remember) 3 different sized rubber domes.”

I did some extra work for Mitt Romneys wife so that I could afford these. I’m not proud of it and I feel kinda dirty so I don’t use them… but they look like they would sound really nice.”

Haha two stellar reviews right there!

If they were official then the price would be over fifty sheets for sure, regardless of quality.

I read somewhere online of aiaiai fixing a problem someone had with these under warranty repairs so you never know. Worth a punt if you ask me. Amazon will refund if fake as suspected!

They been on my watch list for a while. Started resolutely at that price… Still send to good to be true.

And the same company is selling then on eBay.


My understanding is that they sound like ass.

Well the earphones arrived today. Have no idea if genuine but the packaging and contents at the very least look very authentic.

I don’t have and have never used PX-0s so no reference here but sound wise they’re OK. Quote light on bass but actually pretty decent in the mids and treble. Mic works well enough too.

So not calling these out either way but for £17 I’m not complaining.

The price is right.

I bought a pair a month ago and returned them as they kept crackling and one of the channels kept cutting out.

^ shoulda just cut off the 1 earbud, 4/5 stars.