Question about Ableton and OP-1

I have had a good search online and can’t find anything about this so thought I’d ask here…

So imagine I have a midi clip in Ableton that is playing a sequence on the OP-1, that works fine and it plays when I play it in Ableton but is there a way I can arm the track on the OP-1 so when I press play in Ableton it starts recording immediately so that it’s all in sync?

Hope this makes sense and any help is appreciated.

Hey, are you trying to record in Ableton or on the OP1?

Trying to record onto the OP-1. I might just record straight into Ableton but that kind of defeats the object of the OP. I just find the keyboard limiting to play things where I need more octaves.

Understood. I have used the OP1 in Ableton as a sound module, sending midi from Ableton to the OP1, and incoming sound from the OP1 back into Ableton. Then you can record an audio clip in Ableton. With that setup, you can midi remote sync the two for accurate start/stop. But I’ve not tried triggering recording on the OP1. I believe you can learn the midi command in ableton. You may have seen this already, but the user guide for the OP1 has a special section on Ableton Live, and it includes a script you can install for additional controls. I would check this out:

Yeah I need to have a good look at it and try work it out. Thanks for the link.

I’m really hoping I can get things worked out with the OP as I love it but I have a few little gripes with it at the moment.

Cool. Good luck. And let us know how it works out.