Question about mono . . .

Okay, this may have been discussed in a different thread; if so, point me there.

So . . . are all of the synth and sample engines in the OP1 mono and only the master and track effects are stereo?
It seems that way looking at the meters in my DAW.
I’ve been recording in Live to add effects to tracks and was thinking the 4-track on the OP1 was lesser-than because it was 4 mono tracks.
OTOH, it’s far easier to simply compose using the OP1 alone.
If each engine is mono then recording into the 4-track and dumping to Live via USB seems to be the better option.

Can anyone confirm?

PS If it says it in the manual . . . . . whoops!

@disaac Thats correct - only the master effects are stereo. You can pan the four mono tracks when in tape mode but previewing or playing from the synth or drum sections will be in mono only. Recording/sampling into the OP-1 is also in mono.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Looks like it’s tape for me.