Question about pedals

So I would have never expected me to have 3 pedals but I like them. Is the a rack which you can connect them to which also does dynamic routing? Looked around the interweb and feel I am not using the right search term. if it exists what would it be called?

There are pedal boards with fancy power supplies that can power multiple pedals at one time. You might look at a mixer with a spec’d out aux send and return path to connect multiple sources to the same pedals. I know there are also rack mount kits for things like moogerfoogers that display your units nicely. Not sure if that helps or if it’s several things that get close and not one that takes care of it all.

Perhaps you mean something like this.

Most mixers will only have one aux send and return. Hunt around - i think the 10+ channel mackie ones have two aux send and returns so you could feed signals out to two pedals at once and have another pedal on the output or a single instrument.
If you get a big pedalboard then you could probably fit the mixer, op-1 and other small bits of gear in there - a portable rig!

The Mackie Onyx 1620i has 4 sends & 4 stereo returns.

theres also FX loop pedals out there that have ‘x’ FX loops. some of them i’ve definitely seen w/ order switching capabilities.

this dude makes some that are pretty affordable

Thanx all I think I will drive all my pedals through a focusrite.