Question about sampling with the PO-35 Speak


I would know if it’s possible to record from line in or from the microphone if i selected the slot 16, the one of the drum kit…if it is, what happen to the recording? Same engine that we can have in the synthtetizer voice mode? That will slice sample in 16 parts like on the PO-33?
I hope that i can use the two voices of the PO-35 without using one of these for the drums… example : drums from PO-32 , PO-33 for samples and maybe additional drums and the two voices of the PO-35 one for the chords or leads and the other one for the bass.
If anyone knows about this or can try that with his PO-35 it will be an interesting help.



No, sound 16 is always tied to the uTonic engine…