Question about the Mastertrack

Hello fellow OP-Z players,
i have a little problem. I recorded a few notes on the master track to transpose the recorded synth track (only recorded the chord track on this pattern). So far so good. But now when i record the bass or lead track the master track changes too. I know that the master track can affect the chosen synth tracks. But here it seems like the bass and lead track also affect the master track.
Do i have to record all synth tracks before using the master track?

I don’t know if this is specifically the issue but the Master track transpose is affected the most by the Bass track key. So if you recorded something with the chord track let’s say, and then transposed it. If your bass track ss in a different key or with different notes which create a different key, it’s going to transpose differently

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Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought all tracks just follow the master track transposition.

So i should record all synth tracks first before recording the master track.

No it won’t make a difference.

Whatever key your Bass track is in is the main key the master track is going to follow when it transposes. I have not had my long enough to know yet what happens if you program a synth track with a totally different key how it affects it, but it says right in the manual the bass track is the main source of key for the master track

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Thanks for explaining! I think for my previous patterns i always recorded the master track last and never noticed the tracks are depended on the bass track.

if on Master Track, press shift and the corresponding yellow lights show which tracks go into the Master track, just unlit the Bass and you’re good to go.

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Oh yeah, right! Man, even though i use hardware boxes for over 20 years, i still get confused by them from time to time. Thanks a lot for the help guys!