Question(s) for OP-Z Midi Setup and Midi over bluetooth

Inspired by cuckoo’s latest vid, I synced the OP-Z to my iPhone (6s+).
Started the LE Version of Gadget as well as some Bassline Synth.
Within the OP-Z app it was easy to just assign a midi channel to, say, the Chord track, and then play one of the synths on my phone. Smooth sailing so far, though I noticed that Gadget has hiccups when it’s running in the background (the arpeggiator loses the first few notes, which doesn’t happen when Gadget is on-screen).

After that rather long introduction, lemme get to the questions:
1.) in the app, you can select CCs 1-16 and change their value via the touch strip bar in the app. Is there a way to select different CCs tho? Like, the bass synth’s Filter and Resonance are on CC 74 and CC 77 or something, but I can’t seem to access anything higher than CC within the app

2.) is there a way to assign CCs to the wheels? I would want to assign parameters and play around with them directly on the OP-Z rather than being able to just modify one CC at a time within the app, which is rather cumbersome.

So if someone has more info on this, please share your knowledge with me/us

Try the module track – connect your phone screen/app

Does anyone know if using microkey will funktion with pressure sensitivity on the OP-Z?