Questions about sampling, changing patterns, and copying tracks within a pattern

I was taking some spoken word samples off youtube and chopping them up. I took the samples as a drum sample under the drum fx section. I took 3 separate samples on 3 different instrument sections under drum fx (slots 8,9,10 of drum slot 4) I made a track that contained 3 patterns where I was playing each different chopped sample (one with 4.8, the next with 4.9, and the next with 4.10). On each pattern there was a sample triggered on the 1 downbeat and more notes following over 8 bars.

I made a song where I chained these 3 patterns together. Played the song, everything worked fine except that the initial trigger on the 1 down beat did not trigger. When I hit play on the pattern on its own the 1 downbeat would trigger. So I’m guessing this because as I changed from one pattern to the next I was changing from drum 4.8 to drum 4.9 to 4.10 each time the pattern changes the drum (sample) synth is loading as well right at the time the 1 downbeat hits, and is therefore not triggering. Everything that follows the first beat is fine. Is this correct? Is there a workaround?

My idea for work around was to take the pattern and chopped sample I had for drum fx 4.9 and copy it to an open high hat synth slot (drum synth 3). I copied the sampled sounds to drum synth 3 via configuator. What I would like to do is also copy the actual track notes that I played in to drum synth 3 so that I have the same thing but it is triggered by synth 3 so as it changes from pattern to pattern in the song it is not changing synths and therefore the 1 downbeat will come through. I got all of this to work except for the copying the pattern notes to a different instrument.

I understand you can copy a track to a different pattern, but what I want to do is copy the track pattern to a different instrument within the same pattern. I don’t know if this is possible, but it should be. Say you have a melody you are playing on the lead synth. Why should you not be able to copy those exact notes to the bass instrument on the same pattern, you could then go and delete a few of the notes and have a simpler bass track but notes are triggered at exact same time as the lead track.