questions before I buy OP-1

I just read the TE manual and I have some unanswered questions I hope some of the vets can help please!

  1. drum sample play mode - there is “play to end” , is there “note-on” like on mpc’s? I want the sample section to stop playing when I unpress the key.
  2. can I load 8 different 12sec drum samplers into keys 1-8? basically giving me 96sec?
  3. when lifting from tape into drum sampler, how can you ensure you get a 12sec cut?
  4. in situation 3 above, if I increase the tape speed can I lift more of the music into the drum sampler and then pitch it down in the sampler to get more than 12 sec sample time? This is an old SP1200 trick. Or is the 12sec limit fixed to the normal speed of the tape.
  5. can I undo only the overdubbed part on a section of tape and keep the original audio before the overdub?

thanks for any help yall!


1. Yes
2. Yes (and have more saved in memory for fairly instantaneous recall)
3. You need to just check the duration shown on the Tape clock
4. Yes
5. There is no undo, but if you lift the audio before overdub this gets saved in a buffer and you can drop it somewhere if you’re not happy

thanks! regarding (1), I guess TE’s manual is just out of date? I will purchase this bad boy