Questions on sampling Op-1 vs Op-z and in general before buying

Hey there, I am trying to figure out whether or not I should by the OP1 or the OPZ.

I am planning to make music that is full of samples and I would like to be able to do two things:

  • have multiple samples recorded at different time in a single keybord (I guess that’s what’s called a track?)
  • make new sounds or beats that can be themselves a sample that can be played from different keys

Can I do that? It seems that this can be done with the op1, but can it be done with the opz?

My idea is to combine a snare and a word in a key, a kick and another word in a key, two different samples merged in another key and then do a sequence of these keys.

Is this reasonable? How would I do that? One way to do it is of course to record tracks, trim them and make one of those kits that you can upload to your opz, but I would like to do this without a computer, iPad can work though!

Is this the right tool for me?