Quick MIDI Velocity Question


Last night I connected my Nord Electro to the OP-1 via USB MIDI host, any idea why it isn’t capturing velocity? Seems the MIDI Channels lined up alright, everything was smooth except no velocity. My chain, if you will, is as follows:

Nord Electro > MIDI Out > MIDI In of the midiplus USB MIDI Host > USB > Mini USB In of the OP-1.

Do I need to also have a MIDI Cable from the Out of the host to the In of the Electro?

This suggests that you need to use a patch that has velocity sensitivity enabled on the Nord Electro: https://www.norduserforum.com/nord-electro-forum-f9/no-velocity-sensitivity-with-midi-t9658.html

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Thanks, I’ll try to cultivate this a bit more.